All Three Eyes. {Rachel}

Lorelei sat there amid a stack of books, legs curled up onto the black leather chair. Rachel had said she was going to stop by that day to teach her a couple of basic magick-y stuff and so she had pulled out her books and begun pouring over them. She sighed, her eyes crossing slightly and blurring as she stared at the pages, closing the book. They still didn’t make much sense to her, and she barely knew which was ‘good’ magic and which was ‘bad’ magic. And half of it was not even in English.

She sat there, though, for a little bit longer, her mind drifting off in peaceful meditation, not focusing on anything in particular, images and thoughts drifting past. She was pulled out of her daze when she heard a knock on the door, turning slowly to look at it. “Come on in!” She called. She knew that was probably a bad idea, considering that it allowed people to enter her house, but she knew it was Rachel.

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